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General Information

Office 365 ProPlus is a new subscription plan for Office 365. It enables users or businesses to extend their Office productivity software (including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and others) to allow installations to up to 5 different devices per user. The account is tied to the user, not to any one device, so it allows seamless interaction between working on home devices and on mobile devices. It also allows users to deactivate their software in the case that any one of their devices is compromised or if a person leaves the business.

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General Information

Windows 10 is a Microsoft Operating System (OS). Along with it's many similarities to Windows 7, including the re-introduction to the Start menu, Windows 10 also introduces Microsoft Edge, a new browser experience that allows users to easily share notes and opinions with others. Other features include:

  • "Multi-doing", which allows up to four things on a screen at one time
  • A new Windows Store that will come with every Windows 10 device
  • Built in apps that use OneDrive to sync and back up information across all Windows 10 devices.
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General Information

SPSS is a modular, tightly integrated, full-featured product line for the analytical process-planning, data collecting, data access, data management and preparation, data analysis, reporting, and deployment.

  • Software License Information:  
    • LSU is ONLY Licensed for the LSU Main Campus in Baton Rouge, LA.  This is in Accordance with the Software License Agreement between LSU & IBM (SPSS & AMOS). In addition to this campus restriction, no personal devices are allowed to install or use the software.
    • If you are working from home, you are required to access this software only from an LSU owned device provided from your department, or you may remote into a campus device via Remote Desktop to use it as well.
  • Compatible with the following Operating Systems
    • Mac, Windows, & Linux.
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ArcGIS Pro is a suite of geographical and spatial software tools from Esri that allow advanced functions and give access to a wide range of extensions for all types of projects. There are two ways to access Pro, explained in the instructions below.

To Access ArcGIS Pro:

 Method 1: ArcGIS website

1. Please visit the following link:

2. Click "Sign in with myLSU ID" to sign into ArcGIS Pro.

3. Access online apps by opening the waffle menu at top right of the page. Further details may be found in the following articles:

Method 2: ArcGIS Desktop sign in

1. Open ArcGIS Desktop. If you do not yet have ArcGIS Desktop installed, please visit the following link: 

2. On the main menu, click File, then select Sign in to sign into ArcGIS Pro.

3. Enter lsu-its as the Organization ID if needed.

3. You should now be signed into ArcGIS Pro and have access to Pro tools. Further details may be found in the following article:


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