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General Information Adium is a freeware instant messaging application designed to be used with the Mac or Linux Operating System.
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General Information Pidgin is an Instant Messaging client which also serves as the Instant Messaging service for the LSU Information Technology Services (ITS) department. It is intended for LSU Faculty, Staff, and Students that work for the...
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Category: Pidgin (Windows)

Once users have installed Pidgin and imported their existing accounts, they may want to add more accounts. Pidgin allows users to add accounts at any time, whether they are already existing accounts from other instant messengers or new accounts altogether. This article will explain how to add accounts to Pidgin. To Adding Accounts to Pidgin: 1....
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To Install Samba: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Referenced...
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General Information Skype for Business is instant messaging (IM), online meetings, calling, video conferencing, and sharing and collaboration client all rolled into one package.
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To Use IM Shortcuts in Skype for Business: 1. Login to Skype for Business. 2. Open an IM window to chat with someone. 3. Press one of the shortcuts below to use an IM feature quickly and easily.
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Keyboard Shortcuts for Skype for Business Videos: Command ...
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