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General Information Adium is a freeware instant messaging application designed to be used with the Mac or Linux Operating System.
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General Information Pidgin is an Instant Messaging client which also serves as the Instant Messaging service for the LSU Information Technology Services (ITS) department. It is intended for LSU Faculty, Staff, and Students that work for the...
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Once users have installed Pidgin and imported their existing accounts, they may want to add more accounts. Pidgin allows users to add accounts at any time, whether they are already existing accounts from other instant messengers or new accounts altogether. This article will explain how to add accounts to Pidgin. To Adding Accounts to Pidgin: 1....
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This article will show users how to import an instant messenger account after installing Pidgin on their computer. Users are not limited to the amount of accounts imported to Pidgin. In fact, users can simultaneously run AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, GroupWise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, and Yahoo instant messengers at the same time. But before one can take...
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General Information: Pidgin , formerly known as Gaim , is an all-in-one instant messaging client that allows users to access their Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, & MSN Messenger accounts through a single application. Pidgin contains many features such as a multi-language spell checker, message log history, &...
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Chat Logging Settings Pidgin allows a user to keep a text log of all conversations on the computer for later reference. 1. Select Tools | Preferences .
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Pidgin allows users to configure their privacy settings so that they can block certain groups of people when they need to get work done. This article will guide users through Pidgin's privacy options. To Update Your Privacy Settings: 1. Open Pidgin .
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Pidgin allows users to modify accounts at any time. One reason for modifying an account is to help prevent continuity issues which can prevent users from accessing their account in Pidgin. For example, if a user changes their AIM password through AIM and do not change the corresponding accounts in Pidgin, they will not be able to logon until they match again. Whether it is...
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To Delete Accounts in Pidgin: 1. Open Pidgin. 2. Click Accounts | Add/Edit . 3. In the "Accounts" window, select the account that you would like to delete and then click Delete .
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Create a Conference Room: 1. Open Pidgin. 2. Click the Buddies | Join a Chat.
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