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General Information iTunes is one of the most popular applications for playing your digital music, movies, and TV shows. iTunes can also connect to the web and allow the...
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Adding Media: The easiest way to add media files to your iTunes program is by dragging and dropping files from your computer into the iTunes library. To add music from a CD, insert the disk and iTunes should automatically prompt you to copy the files into your source list. You can also click Import CD when viewing the CD under...
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iTunes allows an account 5 different computers that it can play and download music from. To De-authorize or Authorize an iTunes Account on a Computer: 1. Select Account on the tool bar at the top of the screen. Then select Authorizations . Then select to Authorize or Deauthorize your computer.
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iTunes is one of the easiest and most accessible music players available for computers these days. One of it's abilities is to import music from a CD to the computer allowing the user to listen to the song(s) without the CD. To Import Songs from a CD: 1. Open iTunes . 2. Insert the CD in that you...
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The following will take you through the steps to install Apple iTunes. 1. Go to . 2. Click iTunes Free Download .
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If you are having problems with iTunes, it is important to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. To Download the Latest Version of iTunes: 1. Go to the main Apple site and click the Download Now button.
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Apple's iTunes digital media player provides multiple ways for users to easily add files to iTunes libraries. To Add Files to an iTunes Library: 1. Open iTunes . 2. Before adding music, determine whether or not iTunes music will be copied into a separate iTunes folder. This option is useful for users that own...
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Millions of Web Sites offer temporary streaming audio broadcasts for things such as concerts, talk shows, or even corporate board meetings. All you need to know to play one of these broadcasts is the Web address, also known as the URL. To Add a Web Broadcasts to a Playlist: 1. Choose Podcasts.
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iTunes will often have most or all of a person's musical catalog on one computer. One's media collection could be lost if the computer is lost, stolen, or has a hard drive failure. iTunes comes with a feature that allows one to back up their iTunes. To Backup iTunes: 1. Open iTunes .
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To Burn an Audio CD using iTunes: NOTE: If you already have a playlist of music ready to be burned to a disc, skip to Step 6 . 1. Create a new iTunes playlist by selecting the File menu, hovering over New , then clicking Playlist .
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