TigerWare: LSU Overview

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General Information

Who Can Download?

A valid myLSU ID & Password are needed to download licensed software from TigerWare.

  • Available to Active Faculty, Students, & Staff for Campuses:
    • LSU Baton Rouge Campus
    • LSU Law Center
    • LSU Ag Center
  • Incoming LSU Students when the first day of your first semester at LSU begins. 

Software Availability, Licensing Information & Lab Location

All Available Software Packages, Installation Files, & Lab Locations

Commercial Software & Licensing Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a New LSU Student, when can I download software from TigerWare?
        The FIRST Day of the FIRST Semester. 
  • I am a Current LSU Student, do I have access to download software from TigerWare?
        YES, All Current LSU Students can download software from TigerWare.
    • Note: Except for Incoming Freshmen, who receive access on the FIRST Day of the FIRST Semester.
  • Can LSU Lab School Students or Lab School Faculty download software from TigerWare?
        NO, Not at this time.
    • Note: Faculty & Staff who have a dual appointment with the LSU Campus and the LSU Lab School are allowed to download software.
  • Can Retired LSU Employees or LSU Alumni download software from TigerWare?
    NO, Retired LSU Employees & LSU Alumni CANNOT download software from TigerWare.  This is not permitted in the current license agreements.
    • LSU Faculty & Staff MUST BE ACTIVE.
    • LSU Students MUST BE CURRENT.

LSU Support & Policy Statements

Service Desk Contact Information

Policy Statements

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