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Category: Statistical Software

To Activate / Reactivate JMP (Mac): 1. Download Installation Data (SID) file for JMP from the JMP download section on TigerWare. This will be necessary for activating your product.
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Category: Getting Started

To Install JMP on Windows 1. Go to TigerWare ( login if you do not see the downloads available). 2. Click to download the available files for JMP Pro.
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Category: Getting Started

To Download JMP on a Mac OS Operating System: 1. Download JMP .zip from TigerWare . 2. Extract the .zip file and click through the following folders: ...
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Category: Getting Started

General Information KaleidaGraph is a graphing and analysis software for...
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Category: KaleidaGraph

General Information MYSTAT is a free, streamlined, student-oriented variation of the SYSTAT 13 flagship product, featuring statistical routines that are covered in undergraduate-level statistics, science, and social science courses.
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Category: MYSTAT

To Create an Educational Account for SYSTAT, follow these instructions: 1. Go to the provider's webpage . 2. The user will be brought to the MYSTAT Statistical Analysis for...
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Category: MYSTAT

General Information A GNU project in alpha state, PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It interprets commands in the SPSS language and produces tabular output in ASCII, HTML, or PostScript format. The name PSPP is not intended as...
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Category: PSPP

Accessibility in SAS Businesses need inclusive tools that allow all employees to work effectively. SAS is committed to providing accessible software products and documentation through the ongoing evolution of its product lines. Recognizing that accessible software also provides mainstream value and ease of use for everyone, we incorporate...
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General Information Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a program used by students to help manage, analyze, and interpret data. Students at LSU use SAS as a supplement in their Statistics classes at...
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Category: SAS