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To Install FreeMind on a Mac OS X Operating System: 1. Log in to FreeMind TigerWare page . 2. Click the Log In To Download button.
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To Install FreeMind on a Windows Operating System: 1. Log in to TigerWare and select the FreeMind 1.0.1 (Windows) download found towards the bottom of the page.
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General Information FreeMind is a premier free idea-mapping software written in Java. Pre-Installation Notes System...
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General Information GanttProject is a java-based open source project management application that duplicates many of the features of Microsoft Project. This software is available free of charge provided...
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Installing GanttProject: 1. Download GanttProject from Tigerware . 2. Run the GanttProject Installer.
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Installing GanttProject: 1. Download from Tigerware .
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To Install GanttProject in Ubuntu: 1. Download the .deb package from Tigerware .
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With GanttProject, the user can not only create new tasks for their chart, but they can also add an entry for personnel to be associated with that task. The following steps will show how to add a resource in GanttProject. Adding a Resource: 1. In the top menu bar, click Resources and select New Resource from...
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GanttProject allows the user to set time off from work for individual resources for vacations, leave, etc. NOTE: Weekends are automatically listed as days off. You can only edit this when you create a new project. If you wish to edit weekends on an existing project, you will have to create a new project and then import information from the old one. ...
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GanttProject: Changing Task Priority When a new task is created in GanttProject, the priority is set to normal by default. To change the task's priority to low or high, follow these steps. Changing Task Priority: 1. Double-click on the task in the calendar window.
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