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General Information

Mathematica is a major software tool for computations as well as the only development platform fully integrating computation into complete workflows. It is very versatile and can perform tasks including computing and manipulating calculus equations, plotting and modeling engineering problems, matrices and linear algebra, statistics, polynomial algebra, number theory, data visualization, and function manipulation.

There is also a new offering, Mathematica Online, which allows access to Mathematica anywhere through a web browser. For information, please see the Mathematica Online: LSU Overview.

Available Downloads

For LSU Faculty & Staff:

Download Mathematica for Faculty & Staff

For LSU Students:

Download Mathematica for Students 

Activation Instructions

For LSU Students, Faculty & Staff (on-campus only):

Activation Instructions (Faculty & Staff)

For Home Use:

Obtain an Authorization Key from step 2 of: Activation Instructions

Then fill out the following form:


Training & Support

Mathematica Support

Mathematica Training Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find your MathID?

View instructions on how to find your specific MathID.

How can I obtain a new password?

View instructions on how to obtain a new password for a previously registered Mathematica user.


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