AutoCAD: LSU Overview

      Auto CAD icon. Its design has auto cad in red letters at the top right of a picture of dark colored machinery.

General Information

AutoCAD is a trusted software tool, and industry standard, that designs and documents projects for designers, architects, engineers, contractors, drafters, etc. This product is used across many industries.  Examples include Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Automotive and Transportation, Media and Entertainment, Utilities and Telecommunications.  Autodesk is a software company that provides these tools.  View a full listing of Autodesk products.

There has been a recent change in Autodesk products and licensing, resulting in changes to how it is distributed to the campus community.  Because Autodesk no longer offers a site-wide license to their master suite, instead of downloading it from TigerWare, it will now be obtained directly from Autodesk.  As a member of a higher education institution, you can create an individual account on the Audodesk.  Download Autodesk Master Suite software FREE OF CHARGE.  

  • NOTE: You should be aware that the version from Autodesk will be the educational version which does add a watermark to the generated files stating that the file was generated with the educational version of an Autodesk product.
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