Fusion360: Using the Comments

Using Comments in Fusion 360:

1. The Comments section is located in the bottom left corner of Fusion 360. Click the + button to open the menu. 

opening the comments section

2. You can leave comments on the Fusion 360 project by typing in the text box what you wish your comment to be. Click Post to submit the comment when you are done typing. 

entering a comment in the text box

3. You can also comment on a specific Image, Object, or Point in the project by using the Buttons under the text box. When you click one of the three buttons, a small display of the component you are commenting on will appear next to the text box. 

Example comment with smalll display to the right

4. All submitted comments will be displayed under the text box. You can reply to comments using the Reply text box. 

reply text box under a existing comment


Referenced from: Autodesk.com


9/11/2023 3:32:48 PM