Esri ArcGIS: Common Issues & Troubleshooting

This article provides common issues & answers for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro.

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What are ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro?

ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro are geographical information systems that allow for detailed mapping data, statistics & analysis, and ongoing research in geographical fields. ArcGIS Desktop, or "ArcMap," is the original program used for most needs, and ArcGIS Pro is an expanded online cloud version that is being rolled out to replace ArcMap gradually. For more info, please see: Esri ArcGIS: LSU Overview.

I need assistance logging in or resetting my password.

For assistance logging into ArcGIS Pro, please see the following GROK article: Esri ArcGIS: Access and Install ArcGIS Pro.

For assistance logging into ArcGIS Desktop, please see the following Esri support article: Sign in to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise in ArcGIS Desktop applications.

To learn how to reset your password, please see the following GROK article: ArcGIS: Forgot Password.

I need help using ArcGIS.

There are many resources available online to help you with learning ArcGIS functionality and features for both projects and research. Please see the following below:

ArcGIS Stack Exchange

ArcGIS Tutorials

ArcGIS Community Forums

ArcGIS Documentation

If these support articles and community resources do not help your situation, or it is a time sensitive issue, please reach out via an ITS ArcGIS Software ticket and we can connect you with Esri Support.

How do I access ArcTutor / E-Learning / Esri Academy?

The tutorial offerings previously known as ArcTutor or E-Learning have visually transitioned to Esri Academy, but the courses and trainings are still available as before.

To access Esri Academy, please use the following link: Esri Academy - Log in
Log in with myLSU or your ArcGIS account if prompted.

This will bring you to the courses page where you can access all available training. If you would like to check on your course progress, you can go to the My Academy tab at the top, then choose My Dashboard. A direct link to your dashboard can be found at: Esri Academy - My Dashboard

On ArcGIS Pro, it said my credits have run out. What do I do? 

If this happens, please send an ITS ArcGIS Software ticket. Consider using ArcGIS Desktop if you have high intensity calculations to avoid running out of credits in the future. If you need Pro functions and a larger credit allocation, a higher allowance can be given with justification. You can also send this justification in the same ticket form.

I get an error that says "To run this application, you must install missing frameworks for .NET". What can I do?

This error means your .NET is either too old or too new for your version of ArcGIS. You need to install a .NET version of 6.X but lower than 7.X; all .NET downloads are free from Microsoft. 6.X is available at the following link:

For more information about troubleshooting this error, please see the following Esri article:

How do I activate Business Analyst Desktop?

You must have the data file, data license, desktop software and the current ArcGIS provisioning license. Please find these on Tigerware: ESRI Business Analyst Desktop.

If they are not up to date on Tigerware, please send in an ITS ArcGIS Software Ticket.

I am used to using legacy ArcGIS Desktop/ArcMap, but I heard it is being phased out. Who can I talk to for help?

Please send in an ITS ArcGIS Software Ticket and we will connect you with our Esri coordinator for support and resources during the transition to Pro. This transition will be completed fully in 2026; please use the following resource to help you manually transition as needed: ArcGIS Tutorials: Migrate from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro.

Can I use/renew ArcGIS Server?

ArcGIS Server is reserved for faculty and staff on an as-needed basis. If you are a grad student assisting with research, please reach out to your faculty or staff contact in your department to provide it. Faculty and staff may send in a request for Server (please also include the version of Server you need) via an ITS ArcGIS Software ticket.

Can I use/create an ArcGIS Hub site?

Yes you can! ArcGIS Hub is a great way to collaborate and organize shared resources among groups. You can add members and share mapping and other data through the group for larger projects, as well as customize your group's Hub page. If you would like an ArcGIS Hub site, please send in an ITS ArcGIS Software Ticket.

Can I have a custom ArcGIS Hub site without "lsu-its" in URL?

This depends on your needs and requires justification; we are limited in the number of ArcGIS Hub sites we may allow without the brand name in the URL. You may send in an ITS ArcGIS Software Ticket with proper justification and a description of how this would fit your needs. If your justification is approved, we will connect you with our Esri contact to continue further as the custom URLs are not managed by LSU.

Can I work with another university via ArcGIS or request a partnered collaboration?

Yes you can! If you are faculty or staff working with another university that would like to connect with ours, please send in an ITS ArcGIS Software Ticket.

I have a question not listed here. Can you help me?

Yes, let us know your question via an ITS ArcGIS Software Ticket and we will do our best to answer, or refer you to Esri Support.

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