Esri ArcGIS: Access and Install ArcGIS Pro

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ArcGIS Pro is a suite of geographical and spatial software tools from Esri that allow advanced functions and give access to a wide range of extensions for all types of projects. There are two ways to access Pro, explained in the instructions below.

To Access ArcGIS Pro:

 Method 1: ArcGIS website

1. Please visit the following link:

2. Click "Sign in with myLSU ID" to sign into ArcGIS Pro.

3. Access online apps by opening the waffle menu at top right of the page. Further details may be found in the following articles:

Method 2: ArcGIS Desktop sign in

1. Open ArcGIS Desktop. If you do not yet have ArcGIS Desktop installed, please visit the following link: 

2. On the main menu, click File, then select Sign in to sign into ArcGIS Pro.

3. Enter lsu-its as the Organization ID if needed.

3. You should now be signed into ArcGIS Pro and have access to Pro tools. Further details may be found in the following article:


To Install ArcGIS Pro:

1. After logging in, Click the My Organizations tab.

2. Select the Downloads tab at the top of the page.

3. Find the Product you would like to download, making sure it is the correct version. Then, click View Downloads at the right of the Product.

4. Under Download, review the Language setting. If you want to download a localized version of ArcGIS Pro, change the setting to the language you want.

5. In the list of product components, under Files, next to ArcGIS Pro, click Download. An .exe (executable) file will be downloaded.

6. To access the program, open the .exe file you downloaded for your Product.

7. When signing in, select Sign in with organization (enter lsu-its as the Organization ID if needed) and use your myLSU credentials.


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