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**NOTICE: Due to the merger of Echo360 and Turning, the information in this article may be undergoing revision. We recommend visiting the PointSolutions Support and Resources page for the latest updates.

General Information

TurningPoint Clickers are devices that allow a student to respond in real-time to in-person polls, quizzes, surveys, and more. Instructors can see the results live and collect or display data on the results as desired.

A student enrolled in a class that uses clickers will need to obtain a clicker, purchase a license, register/set up an account, and use it in class as directed by the instructor. Some (but not all) instructors allow the use of a TurningPoint Mobile App instead of a physical clicker; this availability is instructor dependent.


Create a Turning Account

Creating TurningPoint Account

Download TurningPoint

Download TurningPoint

Obtain a Clicker

Clickers can be obtained in one of the following ways:

1. Purchase a Clicker and license at the LSU Bookstore for approximately $40. (lsu.bncollege.com)

2. Borrow / Purchase a Clicker from fellow student; who no longer needs a Clicker.

3. Purchase a Clicker directly from Turning Technologies.
    (For additional information:  Student Response System Clicker: How to Purchase / Obtain an SRS Clicker.)

Registering a Clicker

A student needs to register his/her clicker each semester it is used in order to get credit for use of the clicker in classes. A student can register a clicker by following these steps:

1. Log into Moodle.

2. Click the TurningPoint Registration link in the module of the course page.

3. Log into your (or create a new) TurningPoint account. If creating a new account, use your LSU email address.

4. Enter the subscription code and Keypad/Device ID in the boxes provided. (ID is a 6 character combination of letters and numbers found below the barcode on the back of the device.

NOTE: There is no letter "O," only the number "0" (zero).

5. Click the Finish button once to register, and look for a message to confirm the clicker was registered successfully.

See GROK article 18209, Student Response System Clickers: Register, for additional details.

Setting & Changing a Clicker’s Channel

The instructor’s receiver and the student’s clicker need to be set to the same channel so that the receiver will pick up the student’s responses during class. So a student should check with the instructor to determine the channel being used in a specific class.
To change the channel on a clicker, follow these steps:

1. Locate the button in the lower left corner that says “Go” or "Ch" (for channel).

2. Press the buttons in the following sequence: “Go” or "Ch"Channel Number “Go” or "Ch."

For example, to set a clicker to channel 41, press “Go” or "Ch" → 4 → 1 → “Go” or "Ch."

3. A green light indicates that the channel setting changed successfully.

See GROK article 15564, Student Response System Clicker: How to set the proper channel, for additional details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change or unregister a clicker?
Once a clicker is registered successfully, to the right on the registration page are two buttons: “Change” and “Delete.” The Change button can be used to change your clicker ID if you, for example, typed it incorrectly or decided to use a different clicker. You may simply make the change in the ID typed in the box. Click the Change button once, and look for a confirmation message that the change was successful.
Can I lend/sell my clicker after I finish the class?

The Delete button can be used to delete a clicker registration. If you no longer plan to use a clicker this semester and want to lend/sell your device to a fellow student, you first want to delete your registration.
Click the Delete button once, and look for a confirmation message that the clicker registration was deleted.

What if it says my clicker is already registered?
When registering your clicker, if you receive a message that says your clicker ID is already registered to another individual please contact the ITS Help Desk (225) 578-3375 or email servicedesk@lsu.edu. Be sure to provide your clicker ID, the error message you received when trying to register the clicker, and the name of the instructor and course in which you will be using the clicker.
What type of battery is needed for a clicker?
Each clicker comes equipped with two 3.0 V lithium coin cell batteries model number CR2032. Replacements can easily be purchased at the LSU Bookstore and at most electronic retail outlets. The average battery life is 6 to 12 months.


Student Clicker Documentation

Faculty Clicker Documentation


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