SPSS Amos 23: Reauthorizing the License

Licensing SPSS Amos 23 on a Windows Computer

1. Open the License Authorization Wizard. (It should open after installation if not it will be located in the Windows Start menu program group for IBM SPSS Amos)

2.  Click Next to continue.

License Status for Amos


3.  Select License my product now and click Next. ( If you do not have a code you can enable for temporary usage instead)

Product Authorization screen for Amos 23


4. Enter the Authorization Code (20-digit Code give to you by ITS). 
( Don't have an Authorization Code? To purchase a code, refer to the Purchasing Instructions section on the SPSS Amos: LSU Overview. )

Enter Licensing Codes Amos 23


5. Click Next after entering code.

6. Select Next after Internet Authorization Status.

Internet Authorization Status Amos 23


7. Click Finish.

Licensing Complete Amos 23


Referenced from: ibm.com

3/18/2024 1:27:04 PM