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General Information

IBM's SPSS AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structures) is an add-on module for SPSS. It is designed primarily for structural equation modeling, path analysis, and covariance structure modeling, though it may be used to perform linear regression analysis and ANOVA and ANCOVA. It features an intuitive graphical interface that allows the analyst to specify models by drawing them. It also has a built-in bootstrapping routine and superior handling of missing data. It reads data from a number of sources, including MS Excel spreadsheets and SPSS databases.

Available To: LSU Faculty & Staff LSU-Owned Computers for installation under the Louisiana State University License Agreement with IBM.  

System Requirements: SPSS AMOS is for Windows Computers Only.

No Personal Devices

Software License Information:  

  • LSU is ONLY Licensed for the LSU Main Campus in Baton Rouge, LA. This is in accordance with the Software License Agreement between LSU & IBM (SPSS & AMOS). In addition to this campus restriction, no personal devices are allowed to install or use the software.
  • If you are working from home, you are required to access this software only from an LSU-owned device provided by your department, or you may remote into a campus device via Remote Desktop to use it as well. It is also available on the LSU VLab General Desktop as needed in interim.

Some examples include:

  • An LSU laptop you use at home that was provided to you by your department for work, or that you bought with a LaCarte card - this is OK.
  • A personal laptop you bought for yourself with your own funds, or was gifted to you, to use for work & school - this is NOT ok.

LSU Students

LSU Faculty & Staff

  • Purchase through ITS - $130 per License per year. (This is for use on your LSU-Owned Computer.)

       See: SPSS: How to Purchase & Re-Install

Download & Install

Renewing a License (with codes)

Training & Support

SPSS AMOS: Support Home Page

SPSS AMOS: Training

SPSS AMOS: Documentation

Resources: ibm.com, utexas.edu

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