SPSS Amos 23: Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for SPSS Amos (v23) 

1. Login to TigerWare.

2. After logging in, make sure SPSS Amos 23 is selected under the version category and double-click the SPSS Amos 23 file.

downloading spss amos 23 on tigerware

3. Once the download is finished, open the Installer in your download folder. (Named SPSS_Amos_23_win32.exe)

installation file for spss amos 23

4. The Installation should appear. Select Site License in the middle then click Next at the bottom corner.

Installation wizard pop-up window, click next

5. Read over the license agreement, click "I accept the terms in the license agreement", then click Next again.

accept the terms of service pop-up window

6. Enter your myLSU username (for the User Name) and enter LSU (for the Organization).  Then click Next.

customer information box pop-up window

7. Change the destination folder if necessary, and then select Next.

destination folder options

8. Click Install to finish the installation.

Installation box pop-up window

9. A completion screen should appear. Amos should now be installed.


Resources: ibm.comutexas.edu

2/27/2024 7:42:44 AM