On The Hub: Download Install File & Retrieve Product Key for Visual Studio 2015

General Information

On The Hub is a Recommended Download site offered to LSU Students. It is available for downloading Visual Studio 2015 & other software packages with an Educational Discount. This method provides LSU Students with a FREE Authorization Key that can be used on ONE Student-Owned or Non-LSU Computer.

  • As an LSU Student, you won't have any issues; however, upon Graduation or Leaving the University, you will no longer have access to connect to the LSU VPN OR  the eduroam network.

1. TO FIX THIS PROBLEM: You will be required to re-install Visual Studio 2015 from On The Hub. Download and Activate Visual Studio 2015 using On The Hub (http://lsu.onthehub.com).

2. TO AVOID THIS PROBLEM: It is Recommended that you Download and Activate Visual Studio 2015 using On The Hub (http://lsu.onthehub.com).

Important Student Information

  • This .iso File received WILL ACTIVATE Visual Studio 2015 on ONE COMPUTER ONLY. After Installing & Activating ONCE, the .iso File WILL NOT Work Again.
  • Additional .iso Files Needed

1. To Request Additional .iso Files for Another Computer:

Getting Started

1. Go to the On The Hub Web Site (http://lsu.onthehub.com) to Download Visual Studio 2015.

2. Click the Microsoft Imagine Standard tab at the top of the screen.

onthehub with microsoft imagine standard highlighted

3. Select Visual Studio 2015 from the middle of the screen.

OnTheHub with Visual Studio 2015 Highlighted.

4. Choose your desired language, and then click Add to Cart. Notice that this is a Free Purchase.

on the hub add to cart button highlighted at the right

5. On The Hub will display Your Cart. Verify that the Order Information is correct.

6. Click Check Out to complete the purchase.

your cart with Check Out button Highlighted

7. An Order Message will display with your order details. Correct Product Information is:   

--  "Product: Visual Studio Community 2015 32-bit (English) - Microsoft Imagine - Download"  --

8. Read the Subscription Agreement, and click I Accept at the bottom if this order information is correct.

message and license agreement with accept button highlighted at the bottom


9. Type in your First Name, Last Name, and Email. Click Proceed with Order. 

Contact Information with proceed with order button highlighted

10. On the final screen, click Start Download.

order summary with start download button highlighted


Referenced from: Onthehub.com

12/20/2023 12:08:18 PM