ArcGIS: Renewing Your Provisioning License


This article is to walk you through the steps to reauthorize your ArcGIS provisioning file. You can download the new provisioning file from TigerWare.

1. Select the ArcGIS folder under the start menu and then in the ArcGIS folder select ArcGIS Administrator.

ArcGIS Administrator under the start menu

2. In the ArcGIS Administrator window select desktop

Desktop folder in top left corner.

3. In this screen select the de-authorize button and when prompted click, yes to de-authorize your current provisioning file.

deauthorize button at the bottom

yes button in the deauthorize software window

4. Select “Deauthorize with ESRI now using the Internet” and click Next.

 Deauthorize screen with "next" highlighted

5. Once the software has been de-authorized click Finish.

deauthorization process. When complete click Finish.

6. Now, back at the home screen for ArcGIS Administrator select the Authorize Now button.

Authorize now button.

7. For this step select the last option and select browse to get the provisioning file that you have saved to your computer. Once you have selected the file click next. You can get the most current provisioning file from TigerWare.

bottom button option and click browse

8. Next, you will authorize your ESRI product using the first option.

top option software authorization

9. For these steps you will need to enter your contact and industry information.

blank boxes then click next          

category options

10. In this step you should screen should have a software authorization number located in the box. This number is populated by the provisioning file you got from TigerWare.

Authorization Code into the Space
       *Question:  How do I find this ArcInfo Single Use Number?    
*Answer:  You can download the new provisioning file from TigerWare.

11. The next steps will allow you choose extensions for the product and the option to evaluate some extensions that you do not have authorizations for.

All authorization numbers to type in     

available software extensions
       *Question:  How do I find these Authorization Numbers?    
*Answer:  You can download the new provisioning file from TigerWare.

12. Lastly, is the final authorization for your product.

authorization process. Click finish when complete

13. If your product did not activate or you experienced any other issues in the steps above please place a service desk ticket with the LSU Service Desk.

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