Qualtrics: Common Issues & Troubleshooting

This article provides several answers to common Qualtrics questions and issues.

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How do I collaborate with others in Qualtrics?

There are a few ways to do this. You can:

How do I use Survey Participant Tracking, Logic, or SSO features?

Please see Qualtrics: Survey Tracking, Logic, and SSO for a detailed GROK article on survey tracking, survey flow and question logic, and SSO features!

Can I transfer a survey to another user or create a group for my department?

You can send us a request to transfer your survey to another user at LSU or create a departmental group via this form: ITS Qualtrics ticket.

If you are requesting a survey that is owned by someone else, they will need to provide approval before the transfer can be made. If the previous owner is unreachable, please send in a request at the same link above and mention that the user is no longer reachable, and we can assist further.

Can I move existing project folders to a new group in bulk?

Yes you can. Please use the following documentation to learn how to move both content and project folders:

Can I use custom code/API in Qualtrics?

No, you may not use custom code when creating Qualtrics surveys. Unfortunately, this is an unsupported feature within our Qualtrics license itself. You may access community resources for workarounds via their official forum: Qualtrics Community: Custom Code Developer Corner

My survey emails failed to send to some users after I sent them in bulk from a contact list. How can I troubleshoot?

If you sent them from within Qualtrics, see this article to troubleshoot: Qualtrics: Troubleshooting Bulk Emails.

If you sent them via Outlook, see the following articles to troubleshoot:

If these steps do not help, please reach out via the following form: ITS Qualtrics ticket

My data in the Reports section is not appearing or some values are missing.

To troubleshoot data & reports issues as well as survey response data problems, please see the following article: Qualtrics: Troubleshooting Data and Analysis Reports page.

I am unable to collaborate with another user at another university or institution through Qualtrics.

All users at LSU have outside collaboration enabled by default. If you are receiving errors or having issues collaborating with someone outside of LSU, please ask your collaborator to reach out to their institution's IT team to assist in resolving the issue.

Why can't I use the Graphic Slider, Screen Capture, or Video Response questions?

Unfortunately, three question types in Qualtrics - Graphic Slider, Screen Capture, and Video Response - have been disabled in our brand due to non-compliance with accessibility requirements at LSU. For more information on which question types are compliant, please see the following article: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/survey-module/survey-tools/check-survey-accessibility/#QuestionTypeAccessibility

For Graphic Slider, you may instead re-create the question as a regular "Slider" type question with identical text as the prompt. The main difference is that the slider now moves horizontally rather than vertically, but otherwise should function the same way.

For Screen Capture and Video Response, you may change the question type to File Upload to allow files to be submitted for the question.

I want to move my surveys from LSU to my new Qualtrics account at another university/institution.

For this, please reach out to Qualtrics Support directly. They will first reach out to us for approval and then proceed with the rest of the process with you.

I received a new username at LSU but no longer see my Qualtrics surveys, what happened?

If this happens, please send in an ITS Qualtrics ticket and we can recover your surveys.

Can I access XM Basecamp training and resources?

Yes you may! Go to basecamp.qualtrics.com and then click Login, then Sign in with SSO. It will ask for an organization ID - type in "lsu" without quotes. This will send you to the "Select a campus" screen; choose the campus you normally log in under. At this point, the login may appear to refresh the page multiple times before returning you to the Basecamp home page. Click on the Explore training courses button and you should be able to navigate the course options as desired.

Will survey distribution data be stored on Qualtrics indefinitely?

No; survey distribution data older than 3 years old is routinely deleted by Qualtrics. Distribution data includes the list of email addresses for recipients of a survey. Once this data is deleted, it cannot be recovered; if this data needs to be held for longer than 3 years, it is recommended to back up the data beforehand via a secure storage solution. A list of options can be found on the following page: Faculty Data Storage: LSU Overview

Can I use Offline Mobile App?

Yes, if you are faculty or staff. Please send in an ITS Qualtrics ticket to request this.

Can I use Tango integration?

Yes, if you are faculty or staff. Please send in an ITS Qualtrics ticket to request this.

I am an adjunct professor or other special status, and don't have access to Qualtrics. How do I get access?

This depends on your hiring status in HR. If your hiring status is considered "inactive" you may not have access; please contact HR as well as your department to troubleshoot your current work status.

I have another question not listed here, can you help me?

Yes we can! Please send an ITS Qualtrics ticket request if you have a question not answered on this page. It may be added to the FAQ afterwards.

You may also browse our self-serve Qualtrics resources below:


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