LabVIEW: Installation Instruction (Mac)

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1. Visit the LabVIEW Tigerware page.

2. Select Log In To Download

Log In to Download button

3. Log in to the myLSU portal using your myLSU credentials.

myLSU portal login screen

4. Select Mac from the Select a Platform option and select the latest version of LabVIEW from the Select a Version option.

Platform and Version selection dropdown

5. Click the Download button. The application will download and install automatically.

Download button on the LabView TigerWare entry

6. Double-click the downloaded file in the chosen download location.

Downloaded file in the open window

7. Double-click the LabVIEW icon to the LabVIEW window. 

Labview download icon

8. On the introduction page, click Continue.

Installation window

9. In the Read Me page, click Continue.

LabVIEW installer ReadMe

10. On the License page, click Continue.

License Agreement screen

11. In the Read License page, click Agree.

I agree dialog box

12. On the Installation page, click Continue.

Installation type screen

13. In the login window, log in with your myLSU information, and click Install Software.

Username and password fieldboxes on the Login screen.

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