SpywareBlaster: Installation Instructions (Windows)

To Install Spyware Blaster on a Windows Operating System:

1. Open the SpywareBlaster website, and select the Free Download button for SpywareBlaster on the right-hand side of the page.

SpywareBlaster homepage download button boxed in red


2.  The Spyware Blaster setup wizard will open. Click Next to begin. 

spyware blaster setup wizard intro


3. Read through the license agreement and if you agree to the terms check the I Agree box. Select Next. 

spyware blaster lisence agreement


4. Choose Destination Located, and then click Next to continue. 

choosing destination location folder for installation


5. Review the settings of the installation. Select Install. 

installation settings review screen


6. Check the box if you wish to run the program upon exiting the final window, and then click Finish to complete the process. 

installation completion notification

7. SpyWare Blaster should be installed on your computer.


Referenced from: Brightfort.com


4/5/2024 1:10:27 PM