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General Information

GaussView is a program that helps you prepare input to Gaussian by using visual guides when simulating molecules and reactions, and also examine the output from Gaussian when the simulation runs. It allows the user to quickly sketch and design complex and large molecules, then rotate and zoom around the entire model. It also makes writing calculations easier, along with supporting calculation templates, called schemes, for even faster writing. The molecular models also support orbital views, animations, surfaces, electrostatic potential, and various spectra.

Pre-Installation Instructions

System Requirements: Windows XP or newer, Mac OSX 10.4 or newer, or Linux. Also available for download on VLab.

  • NOTE: You must install Gaussian before installing GaussView.

Download & Install

Download GaussView from Tigerware

Support & Training

Gaussian: Installation Notes

GaussView: Technical Support

GaussView: Overview and Links

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