Office365 ProPlus: Installing Office 2016 Apps (Windows)


NOTE: You cannot use any Office software until your first day of class, regardless of status, if you are a new student.


To Install Office365 Pro Plus on Windows:

1. Sign in to Office365 using your LSUMail account (i.e.

Office365 Sign-in screen

2. Office365 will then redirect to Outlook. In the top left corner, click on the Office 365 button. 

the Office 365 button

3. On the home page, click the Install now button at the top right. If it's your first install, skip to step 6.

Install now button

4. If you have installed on a different device already, click the Other installs link under the "Install now" button.

other installs link under installs button

5. This will take you to your device settings page, where you can Install on another device and see how many installs you have left.

Installation details, version, and total installs left

6. When prompted, select "Yes" and hit Next at the bottom right.

office 365 installation

7. When the OneDrive information appears, you can choose to learn more or select Next.

one drive information

8. Choose a background for your Office365 and click Next.

 background selection

9. Select Next again and the installation will complete.


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9/27/2017 2:17:33 PM