MatLab: LSU Overview

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General Information

MatLab, available to all LSU A&M students, faculty, and staff, is a mathematical program that can be used for matrix manipulation, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, and the creation of user interfaces. 

  • Note: Matlab is not available for LSU campuses outside of A&M at this time.


Download & Install

MatLab is available to all LSU students, faculty, and staff however there is no installation media available on Tigerware. In order to utilize MatLab you'll need to create an account using your myLSU credentials on MatLab's website. 

Instructions for this process can be found at the following link: MatLab: Create a New Account or Sign In


Training & Support

MathWorks: Training Courses

MathWorks: Training Frequently Asked Questions

MathWorks: Support


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