Apple Safari: LSU Overview


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General Information

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. It runs on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac. It shows you your favorite sites at a glance, is relatively lightweight, and it even has built in checks for your spelling and grammar.

Download and Install

Download the Latest Version of Safari.

Security Tips

It is VERY important to keep your web browser up-to-date in order to ensure you are in a Secure Environment. Security weaknesses can expose the LSU network and cause poor browser performance.

What Does ITS Recommend?

ITS Web Browser Recommendation 

How do I Update my Web Browser?

How to Keep Browsers Updated 

How do I Enable JavaScript?

How to Enable JavaScript

How do I Clear my Cache?

How to Clear the Cache

Training & Support

Safari Support


Does LSU recommend Safari for web browsing?

  • Yes.

Will my mobile device run Safari?

  • Safari for mobile is only compatible with iOS devices such as the the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

I don't own an Apple product. Will Safari run on my system?

  • No. 

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