myLSU Portal: Order Textbooks On-line


If you are using a mobile device to access the myLSU portal, you may need to rotate your phone to landscape mode to access the menu.


Note: The Textbooks by Course link is only visible to current students in myLSU. Faculty/staff not enrolled as a student in a course will not be able to see it.

To Order Textbooks:

1. Log into the myLSU Portal(

2. Select Registration Services, then choose Textbooks by Course:

textbooks by course tab under registration services on myLSU

3. A new window will open to the LSU bookstore. Input or select the term, department, course number, and section.

LSU bookstore page to find course material through term, department, course number, and section


4. After inputting all classes, click on the retrieve materials button located at the bottom right.

Retrieve materials button on LSU bookstore page

5. The required textbooks for each of the classes entered will appear. From here you will have the option to purchase your books online.

Example course material textbooks required page on the LSU bookstore website

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