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General Information:

Business Use of Personal Devices: If the employee wishes to use a mobile device primarily for personal use, the employee should purchase a device in their name, and no stipend will be provided.

Reimbursement for Business Use: Departments may not directly purchase or reimburse mobile communication equipment, accessories or related services plans.

Restrictions apply on sponsored project funds: Charges to sponsored agreements for mobile devices are allowable only in unusual circumstances, where supplemental communications equipment and agreements are required for the technical scope of work, is used for no other purpose.

Motor Vehicle Safety: An employee is prohibited from using a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the use of mobile devices.  


Monthly Stipend 
  • Eligibility: Qualifications for a monthly stipend requires two of the following conditions to be met:
    • The employee’s job duties require the performance of law enforcement activities, activities where their personal safety is at risk or that may directly impact the safety, health and welfare of the general public.
    • The employee’s job duties require immediate access to the public telephone network for recall, consultation
  • The employee’s job duties require them to be mobile or in transit a large percentage of the business day yet immediately accessible. 
  • The University will provide a $20 monthly stipend for an employee to purchase wireless cellular service and/or $20 monthly stipend for a data plan. The employee’s supervisor is responsible for determining and recommending the stipend for an employee based on job responsibilities – not job title or position. 
  • The employee, supervisor, and Dean, Director, or Department Head must sign a University agreement called “Mobile Device Employee Agreement” which: 
    • Documents the monthly stipend amount.
    • Outlines the requirements the employee will observe in obtaining a mobile device and service plan that meets departmental requirements, and defines the conditions for being available via mobile device. 
  • Employee Responsibilities:
    • Provide the phone number to the supervisor within five days of activation.  Will be available for calls during the times specified by the University based upon University requirements.
    • May select the carrier that best fits the employee’s needs. The carrier/plan selected must be able to provide call detail.
    • The device must be capable of the appropriate means of communication according to the stipend amount approved. The higher monthly stipend requires the device to also have the capability of internet usage and e-mail. 
    • Register the cellular number with LSU and provide it as directory information on the University’s online directory.
    • Inform the University when eligibility criteria is no longer met, or when wireless service is interrupted or canceled.
    • Comply with management requests for copies of the phone bill in order to verify that he/she still has an active wireless plan or to periodically verify the business use/mobile device stipend.
    • If the employee leaves University employment or is terminated for cause, the University will bear no cost of fees associated with plan changes or cancelation.  If a University decision results in the need to end or change the wireless contract, the University may bear the cost of any fees associated with the change or cancelation.  
    • Call detail records from the service provider must be provided by the employee when requested for a Public Records Request.  
    • Any apps loaded on a personal phone are to be purchased by the employee and not reimbursed by the University. 
  • The mobile device stipend must be evaluated on an annual basis.  The supervisor, Dean, Director or Department Head should evaluate the continued need for the stipend each November to ensure that the stipend is appropriate. The stipend is not an entitlement and can be changed or withdrawn at any time, without notice. If an employee changes jobs within the University, the stipend will be discontinued.  A new stipend approval will be required. 
Duty Phone/Duty MiFi 
  • Departments may obtain a cellular phone and service plan and/or a MiFi for departmental use when the phone will not be specifically assigned to one individual.  These phones must be restricted to University business only.  The call records must be reviewed by a departmental supervisor each month.  The Dean, Director, or Department Head is the approving authority for duty phones.  Each department will be fully responsible for maintaining an account with their selected carrier(s).  This includes, but is not limited to, ordering the device, replacing broken devices, verifying call detail on the invoice, approving and submitting the invoice for payment.  An inventory of duty phones and MiFi’s paid for by the department must also be maintained. 
University-Provided Mobile Communication Device 
  • Eligibility: An employee’s need for a University-provided mobile communication device or air card must be recommended by their supervisor and Dean, Director or Department Head and authorized by the Vice President for their area. Form AS-542 (click here to access the form) and a Letter of Justification must be submitted to the Chief Technology Officer to request the device. The employee’s eligibility must meet one of the following criteria: 
    • Protection of life and property – The job requires the performance of duties that could impact the employee’s or the University’s life and property. 
      • Law Enforcement – Job duties require the performance of law enforcement activities that may expose the employee or the general public to harm or danger.
      • Personal Safety – Daily job duties require the performance of activities that may expose the employee or others to harm or danger.
      • Public Welfare – Daily job duties require the performance of duties that may directly impact the safety, health and welfare of the general public. 
    • Improved efficiency and effectiveness – Job duties require immediate access (inbound and/or outbound) to the public telephone network for recall, consultation, and/or decision making. 
      • On Call – Duties require the employee to be immediately accessible after normal work hours, regardless of location.
      • Mobile or In Transit – Duties require the employee to be mobile or in transit a large percentage of the business day, yet immediately accessible. 
    • Lack of suitable communication alternatives – No other suitable communication alternatives (one-way or interactive pagers, two-way radio, or standard telephone service) are available due to the location or environmental conditions of the workplace.    
  • Departmental Responsibilities  
    • Personal use of any University property is not allowed unless the administrator responsible for the property specifically permits such use.   
    • Departmental administrators are responsible for the following:
      • Monitoring the use of the communication services.
      • Ensuring the department has available budget to fund anticipated charges for the term of the agreement (monthly charges as well as cost to purchase and activate the equipment).
      • Conducting an evaluation each November to ensure that the monthly stipend is still needed and appropriate.
      • Maintaining a departmental inventory of all mobile devices paid for by the department.
      • Department Point of Contacts must contact ITS to update any changes (new users or phone numbers) in their list of users to avoid any delays in processing expense reports.

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