Mathematica: Computational Systems

CellularAutomaton -- general cellualar automaton in 1D, 2D, ect.
TurningMachine -- general Tuning machine in 1D, 2D, ect.

SubstitutionSystem — general string, array, etc. substitution system in 1D, 2D, etc.

ShiftRegisterSequence — sequence from a linear or nonlinear feedback shift register



expr/ .rule -- apply a rule
NestList -- interatively apply a function or evolution rule
NestWhileList -- iterate while checking for looping or termination
StringReplace, StringReplaceList -- rewrite, substitution and multiway systems
ArrayFlatten -- flatten out steps in 2D substitution systems, ect.

Groupings- generate all possible trees applying binary etc. operators to a list

RulePlot — visualize rules and evolutions of computational systems

ArrayPlot, ListPlot -- visualize arrays of data
GraphPlot, TreePlot -- visualize networks

FindSequenceFunction -- find functional forms for integer sequences

AnglePath — generate paths from angles

Bollean Functions:



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