Multimedia Classroom Budgeting and Procurement

Budgeting, Procurement, Design and Installation

The ITS technical team can assist with the budgeting, procurement, design and installation of general purpose multimedia classrooms (or similar projects) on the LSU campus.

This includes consultation, planning, budgeting, designing, and / or equipment specification.

We will also assist in working with Facility Services. We may perform or assist in contracting the physical installation of equipment, programming, and documentation.

  1. To get started, submit a request to  Express that you are interested in converting an existing classroom into a Multimedia Classroom.  Include your contact information.
  2. You will be contacted by consultant Vance Venable ( He will provide you with a reputable integrator to go over your needs and expectations and will provide you with suggestions and options. He will also facilitate the involvement of Facility Services and can provide you with equipment budget pricing.

Important Notes

Please understand that the time lines for designing and installing multimedia classrooms may be lengthy and will depend upon schedules of Facility Services, ITS and classroom availability.  Bidding your smart classroom project out to contractors may be recommended.

ITS does not charge for planning and design of typical classroom configurations; however, ITS does charge for the actual physical installation process. A design fee may also be charged on special, more involved classroom layouts and designs. This charge will be included in the cost.


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