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General Information 

CrystalMaker 9 is an advanced chemical & materials modeling program, featuring energy minimization, and crystal-engineering - combined with full crystallographic model building and visualization.

CrystalMaker provides a streamlined workflow that majors on productivity: just drag and drop your data files into the program for instant display in spectacular photo-realistic color. Manipulate structures in real-time, with the mouse. Multiple View "bookmarks" and undo levels encourage exploration and discovery - ideal for teaching and research.

Pre-Installation Notes

System Requirements: Windows Operating System: 7, 8.1, 10 or Mac OS X 

Download & Install

Download CrystalMaker from TigerWare

--- Installation Instructions (Windows)

--- Installation Instructions (Mac)

Training & Support

CrystalMaker: Support Site

CrystalMaker: Video Tours

CrystalMaker: Feature Tutorials

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