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General Information

GeoMedia Professional is a manageable platform that collects and organizes data to be analyzed more clearly. It is the familiar GeoMedia software plus smart tools to edit spatial data. It enables you to bring data from disparate databases into a single GIS environment for viewing, analysis, and presentation. 

Pre-Installation Notes

System Requirements: The Windows Operating System is required.  

Software Licensing: The download below can only be activated with a Node Lock software license. The GeoMedia Professional software is available under Louisiana State University’s License Agreement with 'Intergraph'.

Availability & Eligibility

Available To: LSU Students, Faculty, and Staff in the following Locations

Request a License: Send GeoMedia Professional License Requests to:

Non-Lab Computer: To install GeoMedia Pro on a Non-Lab Computer, or a computer located outside of a computer lab; you must first send a Request to Install to

*Note: GeoMedia Pro MUST be installed before you can install any GeoMedia Extension Packages.

Download & Install

GeoMedia Professional:

Download GeoMedia Professional

-- GeoMedia Installation Instructions

GeoMedia Grid:

Download GeoMedia Grid from Software Informer

-- GeoMedia Grid Installation Instructions

Training & Support

GeoMedia Training

GeoMedia Professional Release Notes

GeoMedia Technical Support


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