myLSU Portal: Finding a Student's GPA


If you are using a mobile device to access the myLSU portal, you may need to rotate your phone to landscape mode to access the menu.


Accessing GPA (Grade Point Average) in the myLSU Portal:

1. In a web browser, log into myLSU.

2. Navigate to the panel on the left-hand side. There are two options under the "Student Services" tab to check your GPA.

Option 1.

1. Select "College Record".

myLSU Portal home with College Record boxed under Student Services


2. Click "Print College Record" to open your college record, updated to the current semester.

Print College Record button selected


3. You can now view your quality points and GPA under each semester's record by current semester, LSU System GPA, or cumulative GPA.

Option 2. 

1. Select "Degree Audit".

myLSU Portal homepage with Degree Audit boxed


2. Select your campus and click "View Current Degree Audit" to access your degree audit for your current declared major program.

  • Alternatively, look under "Other Degree Audit Reports" and select a campus, college, and degree program to view your GPA requirements for specific major programs.

Degree audit selection page with current degree audit boxed


3. You can now view your cumulativeLSU system, and major field GPA and requirements (tabs will vary based on major program).

Degree audit university and major field GPA requirements


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