ArcGIS: Forgot Password

ArcGIS can currently be accessed in two ways, depending on which method was first used to log in. It will either be through your myLSU account, or through a unique ArcGIS account with its own user ID and password.

If you need assistance logging into ArcGIS, the way to recover your account depends on how you currently log into it. Please try one of the following below.

I use my myLSU account to login:

If you are using myLSU credentials to login, your login issue will be directly related to your myLSU account as a whole. Please keep in mind the following when you are trying to log in with myLSU:

  • Make sure your myLSU password has not expired. To test this, try logging into Moodle. If you can login, the same password will work with ArcGIS. 
  • If you have been locked out, you will need to wait 30 minutes to try to log in again.
  • If you just recently reset your password, you need to wait up to two hours for the change to go through completely.
  • Your password will change whenever you change your myLSU password; please use the most recent one you have set.

Additional password help can be found at this GROK article: Account Login Trouble
Please contact the ITS Service Desk ( for further account resources if you still cannot login.

I use a unique ArcGIS user ID/password: 

ArcGIS will allow you to reset your password directly via email. They cannot provide your current one, so you will need to make a new one.

Please see the following instructions on their website to reset it:

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