Securing Your Home Network

The following are some basic recommendations from LSU ITS regarding how to secure your home network.

Turn On Your Firewall

  • Firewalls can be hardware or software
  • Hardware firewalls plug directly into your modem and can be used to protect multiple computers. These are used more frequently by businesses as opposed to those who need a solution for home use.
  • Software firewalls are applications or softwares installed on your computer.
  • Most wireless routers already have pre-installed firewalls that are often disabled by default. You may need to enable your firewall.


Change Your Router's Default Password

  • Malicious actors can often hack into home routers if a default password is used. Be sure to check your router's documentation for instructions on changing the password.
  • If you're not sure what your router's default password is, check on the physical device as they frequently have stickers with that information on them.


Disable Remote Administration

  • This is a common feature found on modern routers. If you do not use this function it is best to toggle it off. Again you'll want to check your respective router's documentation.


If you have questions about securing your home network please reach out to your ISP (e.g. Cox Communications).


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11/20/2023 4:28:55 PM