SPSS 25+: Installation Instructions (Windows)

PLEASE NOTE: The LSU VPN may be required to install SPSS when you are off campus. For more information about VPN, please see the VPN / Virtual Private Network: LSU Overview.

To Install SPSS Statistics 25 and higher on Windows:

1. Visit the SPSS Statistics Tigerware webpage. 

2. Click the download button according to what System Type or Bit Operating System (32 or 64) the user has.

Choosing the correct Bit Operating System

Note: Information regarding 32 and 64-bit architecture, including how to determine which one your operating system uses, can be found in the GROK article: Windows: 32-Bit vs. 64-Bit.

3. If using Chrome, the download will commence automatically and upon competition of the download, the file will be linked to in the bottom left corner of your window. If using Firefox you will have to click Save File in the dialog box that will appear. (More on web browser standards can be found here: Web Browsers: LSU Overview (ITS Recommendations))

4. Regardless of your browser preference, the downloaded file can be found in your Downloads folder. Once located, select the file.

SPSS Installer located in downloads folder

Note: If prompted, select Yes to allow changes to be made to your computer.


5. After selecting the file, the InstallShield Wizard should open and it will begin to install. When it is done, it will close and the Licensed Materials window in the wizard will open. Click Next to continue.

Licensed Materials Window

6. After clicking next, the License Agreement will appear. Click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" after reading the License Agreement. Click Next to continue.

Software License Agreement

7. The Essentials for Python will appear in the wizard. Yes is chosen by default. Click Next to continue.

Essentials for Python window

8. The License Agreement for Python will appear next. Click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" after reading the agreement. Click Next to continue.

License Agreement window

9. A Software License Agreement will appear after that. Click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" after reading the agreement. Click Next to continue.

Software License Agreement window

10. The user will be prompted to where he/she wishes to save the program to. To change the Destination Folder, click Change. Click Next to continue.

Destination Folder window

11. The program is ready to install. Click Install.

Install window

12. The program is done installing. Click Finish.

Finish window

13. SPSS Statistics should now open up. From there, choose Authorized user license. Click Next to continue.

Product authorization window

14. The Enter Codes window will open up. Put in the authorization code in the blank provided and click Next to continue.

Enter Codes window

15. The Internet Authorization Status window will open up. When the authorization is successful, click Next to continue.

Internet Authorization Status window

16. The authorization is now complete. Click Finish.

Licensing Completed window


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9/12/2023 9:51:50 AM