LSU Libraries: Special Collections: Planning a Class

Are you interested in incorporating active learning with archival materials into your students' classroom experience? We are here to help! Special Collections librarians welcome opportunities to give customized presentations on primary source research, the history of books and printing, and the material culture of books, among other topics. We are also happy to offer advice on materials to include in your own presentations and to assist in developing course-based activities involving rare books and manuscripts. 

To View Information on Planning a Class with LSU Special Collections:

1. Navigate to the LSU Special Collections Library web page.

2. Under the Services drop down menu at the top of the screen, click Planning a Class.

LSU libraries special collections services/planning a class button

3. A new web-page will open to Special Collections Instruction: Planning a Class.

LSU libraries special collections planning a class instructions

4. In the second paragraph on the web-page, click Teaching with Special Collections.

LSU libraries special collections teaching activities and assignments

5. Select an option from under the Home panel on the left-hand side of the screen for more information and resources.

Home options for planning a course with special collections


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4/24/2024 12:29:03 PM