LSU Libraries: Digital Services

LSU Libraries Digital Services began with digitization efforts in the Special Collections department as early as 1991. Current digitization efforts are project-driven and programmatic. The department serves other Libraries' departments and community partners.

The Digital Services department develops digital collections and projects to enhance scholarship and research, to increase access to the Libraries' traditional holdings, to support university faculty and students' teaching and learning, and to promote the history and culture of Louisiana to its citizens.

To Access Digital Services through the LSU Library:

1. Navigate to the LSU Online Library web page. 

2. From the Services tab at the top of the window, click Digital Services. 

clicking on digital services in services tab

3. You should be directed to the Digital Services page.

Digital Services at LSU webpage

4. Click the links on the left-hand side of the screen to view more information about Digital Services at LSU.

LSU library digital services


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