LSU Library: Special Collections: University History

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The history of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College spans over 150 years. University Archives contains an ever-growing number of records, collections, photographs, and University publications dating back to the institution’s origins in 1860.

To View University History from the LSU Libraries Special Collection:

1. Log in to LSU Library Special Collections.

LSU Librairies Special Collections page

2. Under the Collections and Centers tab at the top of the screen, click University Archives.  

Special Collections - University Archives

3. This will direct you to the University Archives page. Select University History from the left-hand side of the screen or click the University History section.

University History link

4. The next window will show three sections of the University history information that LSU offers: History of LSU, Digital Collections, and Flickr. You can click on any of the three and browse around for the information you are looking for. 

University History page


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