LSU Library: Search Databases

To Search through the LSU Library Databases:

1. Navigate to the LSU Libraries website.

2. Select the Databases tab at the top of the screen.

LSU Libraries Databases tab


 In the databases tab, you can search in a multitude of ways:

  • First letter of the database: Search the databases by clicking the first letter of the database you are looking for. So if you click the letter A then all the databases that start with the letter A will show up.

'A' databases


  • Search by Database Name: Type in the name of the database you want to find in the search bar.

Search by Database Name search bar


  • Frequently Used Databases: This option will show you a list of the most commonly used databases.

Frequently Used Database option


Frequently Used Databases window


  • All Databases: This option will show you a list of all the Databases.

All Databases option


All Databases window


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