LSU Library: Advanced Search

Using the Advanced Search feature in LSU Library:

1. Open the LSU Library webpage. 

2. Click on the Advanced Search button under the search bar. 

advanced search button in lsu library page

3. Use the text boxes at the top of the screen to enter the phrase you are searching for. Enter a phrase per text box, and if you are entering more than one phrase, use the AND/OR options as needed.

You can also specify a field for each phrase by clicking the dropdown box to the right of each textbox. Click Search to bring up a list of results.

entering phrases into advanced search box

4. Additional search options are available at the bottom of the page.

Look through the options and check the boxes next to categories that you want to use to narrow the advanced search. When you're done making all the changes, click Search at the bottom of the page. 

changing advanced search settings


changing advanced search settings continued


Referenced from: LSU Library

4/5/2024 1:39:50 PM