JSTOR: Add Sources to Your List

Adding Sources to Your MyJSTOR List:

1. Log into the JSTOR webpage.

2. Click on the MyJSTOR tab at the top of the screen, and then click My Lists from the dropdown menu. 

opening the JSTOR my lists tab


3. Click the Create New List button under My Lists. 

create new list button


4. Enter the name of your list, and then click Create. The list should now be created.

creating a new list

5. To add articles to your list, search for the article that you want to add. Click the Add to my Lists button. 

clicking the add to my lists button

6. Choose the list you want to add the article to, and then click Add to List. You can also create another new list from this window by clicking Create. 

adding an article to your list

7.  The article will now be a part of the list. 

 example of article in a list  


Referenced from: about.jstor.org

9/28/2023 2:02:24 PM