ArcPad: Installation Instructions (Windows)

To Install ArcPad on a Windows Operating System:

1. Log into TigerWare.

2. Click the green Download button under Downloads for Authorized Users.

ArcPad download button on TigerWare

3. Click Save File to begin downloading.

ArcPad save file dialog box

4. Select the destination folder where files will be saved, then click OK.

ArcPad destination folder selection

5. Once a folder is selected, a dialog box will appear saying that the installation files have been successfully extracted. Make sure the Launch the setup program box is checked, then click Close.

ArcPad file extraction confirmation dialog box

6. ArcPad may require other items to be installed in order to download. If so, click Install.

ArcPad program installation requirements

7. If prompted, select Yes to allow changes to be made to the computer.

8. ArcPad setup window will appear. Click Next to begin the installation process.

ArcPad introductory setup screen

9. Select the I accept bubble under the License Agreement, then click Next.

ArcPad license agreement

10. Program is ready to be installed. If installation settings are not correct, click Back. If they are correct, click Install.

ArcPad installation settings

11. If prompted again, select Yes to allow changes to be made to the computer.

12. Program will begin installing.

ArcPad installation loading screen

13. When complete, click Finish.

ArcPad installation complete screen

14. Program is now installed on the device.


Referenced from: ESRI



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