GaussView: Installation Instructions (Linux)

To Install GaussView:

  1.  Analyze whether the system has automatically mounted the GaussView DVD and if it has not, mount it. 
  2.  Change to the C shell, and set the g16root and mntpnt environment variables:

$ /bin/csh
% setenv mntpnt "/mnt/dvd"                # Set to wherever CD is mounted.

% setenv g16root "dir"                         # dir=location of g16 directory.

% cd $g16root

The correct directory to specify in the third command is the location of the g16 subdirectory, not the path to that directory. Thus, if the path to the directory is /apps/chem/g16, then set g16root to /apps/chem.

  1.  If a previous version of GV is installed, causing you to already have a gv directory, remove it:

% rm –fr gv

  1.  Read the DVD:

% bzip2 –d -c $mntpnt/tar/*.tbz | tar xvf -

  1.  Set the group ownership for the new gv directory

% chgrp -R grp gv                     # grp is the Gaussian 16 group

  1.  Everything is prepared to perform. 

The Gaussian 16 or Gaussian Utilities initialization  script has set up an alias named gv which points to the correct directory.


Referenced from: Gaussian Installation Instructions pdf.

2/2/2024 1:37:00 PM