WinDirStat: Installation Instructions (Windows)

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To Install WinDirStat on Your Windows Operating System:

1. Log in to TigerWare and select the WinDirStat download.

windirstat download box in tigerware

2. The setup wizard will bring up the license agreement. Read through it and if you accept the terms, check the box that says I Accept then click next. 

WinDIrStat lisence agreement

3. Choose the components you wish to include in the installation by going through the menu and checking the boxes. Click Next. 

choosing installation components for WinDirStat install

4. Choose an install location folder for the WinDirStat files then click Install. 

choosing installtion folder for WinDirSTat install

5. The Installation is complete. Click Next. 

installation completion window

6. Choose whether or not you want to Run the application after closing the window then click Close. 

closing the setup wizard


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