MySQL 5.7: Installation Instructions (Windows)

mySQL 5.7: Installation Instructions (Windows)

1. Go on to mySQL website to download.

2. Click the Download button under MySQL Installer 5.7 for Windows.

MySQL download button on website

3. After clicking Download, choose which Installer to use by clicking Download.

MySQL installer type download

4. In order to download, you must click LoginSign Up, or click No thanks, just start my download.

mySQL downloading options

5. If prompted, select Yes to allow changes to the computer.

6. After downloading, check the I accept box under the License Agreement and click Next.

mySQL license agreement

7. Select the Setup Type then click Next.

mySQL setup type options

8. To begin the installation, press Execute.

mySQL begin installation screen

9. When the installation is complete, click Next.

mySQL installation execution complete screen

10. A walk-through product configuration will then appear. Click Next to begin.

mySQL product configuration screen

11. First, select the Server Configuration Type then click Next.

mySQL server configuration type

12. Set an account password, then click Next.

mySQL set account password screen

13. Choose a name for the installed program, choose a user account under which the program will be used, then click Next.

mySQL installed program name selection & user account

14. Use the Plugins and Extensions window to choose how the program will connect to the server, then click Next.

mySQL server connection settings

15. To apply the chosen settings, click Execute in the Apply Server Configuration window.

mySQL apply server configuration settings

16. When the configuration is complete, click Finish.

mySQL server configuration complete

17. The program will then go back to the Product Configuration screen. Click Next.

mySQL product configuration

18. Installation is now complete. Click Copy Log to Clipboard to see the ReadMe file, or click Finish.

mySQL installation complete screen


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