Stellarium: Installation Instructions (Windows)

Installing Stellarium to your Windows device:

1. Visit the Stellarium webpage.

2. Select the Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) download button at the top of the page. 

Windows Download button


3. Choose a language for the installation and click OK. 

language selection for installation


4. The Stellarium setup wizard will appear. Click next. 

stellarium setup wizard intro


5. Read through the License agreement and if you agree to the terms then click I Accept the Agreement. Then click Next

stellarium lisence agreement


6. Choose a folder for the Stellarium files to be installed into the click Next. 

choosing destination location for installation


7. Choose a folder where the program's shortcuts will be created in. Click Next. 

selecting start menu folder for installation


8. Specify which additional tasks you wish to be done with the installation then click Next. 

selecting additional tasks for installation


9. Review the settings of the installation and click Install if you like them. If you want to change any of the settings then click the Back button.  

installation review window


10. Click Finish to complete the process. 

installation completion widnow


Referenced from: Stellarium GitHub

7/21/2023 11:27:02 AM