LSUMail: Missing E-mails

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Known Issue

You discover or are suspicious that you are Missing E-mail Messages from your LSUMail Inbox or Personal Folders.

Potential Solution #1 

Check the Junk E-mail folder & the Clutter Application folders to determine if the missing e-mails have been misidentified as spam.

Online Web App (OWA):  

  • The folders "Junk E-mail" & "Clutter" can be found in the left-hand panel of OWA (

Microsoft Outlook:  

the clutter folder on the Office 365 Side Bar


Potential Solution #2

Perform a Search in OWA for any Missing E-mail Messages. A search in OWA can reveal the folder in which an e-mail is stored.

Online Web App (OWA) :

  • The "Search Mail and People" link can be found in the left-hand panel of OWA (

the search box in the top left-hand corner of Office 365


Type the Search Parameters into the Search box provided.   

the search options


Click the Magnifying Glass icon in the Search bar to initiate the search.

Look throughout the Search Results, trying to locate the missing e-mail message.

Select the missing e-mail message (if found) to view the details.

Information will display on the right-hand panel & will include the date and the current location of the e-mail message. With this information, you can move the e-mail into the desired folder.

magnifying glass icon

Known Issue

You discover or are suspicious that you have Multiple / Duplicate "Sent Items" Folders.

Potential Solution #1 

  • There are some E-mail Clients that cause issues with the LSUMail Sent Folder. The E-mail Client may have created a Duplicate Folder in which missing sent items may be stored.

    • Check all folders titled "Sent Items" (or something similar) for Missing Sent E-mail Messages.

  • If you are accessing multiple accounts via the same E-mail Client, the client may store all sent items in one account’s sent items folder rather than in the respective Sent Items folder for each account, no matter from which account the messages were sent.

    • Example: A user has and open in the same mail client. All messages sent from either account are stored only in the Sent Items folder for
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