Panopto: Sharing & Permissions

Sharing and Permissions with Panopto:

1. Log in to the LSU Panopto Web Portal via Moodle or directly from the LSU Panopto Web Portal login page

2. Click the Share option under the single session you wish to share. (You may need to hover your mouse near the video for these options to appear.)

 share button under a session in panopto

3. Click the Change button to adjust your share options.

panopto share change button


4. Here you can share your content to specific people, to all of LSU (unlisted indicates it can not be searched for by others), or completely open to the public.

choose who to share video with in panopto


5. You can invite individual users by putting their email address into the People and groups field.

inviting people via email in panopto


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1/18/2023 11:01:39 AM