Frey Building: Mail Room Copier (2nd Floor)

Getting Started

1. The silver Services Home button (upper left) always takes you back to the screen with the main buttons you will need:  COPY and EMAIL.

2. For color copies, press the Auto Detect button and it will read the color on the page.

3. To use the bypass tray on left side, press Paper Supply, then More, and Tray 5.

4. There is a USB port on the front that can be used to print from or scan to.

  • You can only print .pdf, .jpeg & .tif files from a flash drive.
  • NO .doc (or .docx) file will print.
  • Pages will print in black and white only, however, scans to a flash drive will be in color.

5. When emailing, press Device Address Book to find your recipient.  You are not required to select a sender address, it will default to the machine name. If you want to, you can change the Reply To by selecting your own email address and the message will be sent with you as the sender. When in the address book, you can either page through the names or use the search feature by typing in the first name.

  • You can type in an email address that DOES NOT exist in the Address Book.
  • You can add a Meaningful Subject in the subject line.

6. For paper jams, an animated video will appear on the screen guiding you through removal of the paper jam.

7. After using the copier/scanner, you should always press the Clear All button and return to the main page by pressing Services Home.

Training & Support

The following training articles explain the functions of the copiers (multifunction devices) provided by Copier Management:


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