VLab 2.0: Mapping Network Drives


Mapping Network Drives Using VPN on VLab

1. Open the Start menu in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

2. Right-click This PC, and select Map Network Drive from the drop down menu.

Window Tools selection for Map Network Drive     

3. Map Network Drive window should appear. Select the Drive and Folder (share name path).

Map Network Drive Folder and Drive selection Menu


NOTE: Folders always start with a\\ and then the server name. You may need to refer to your drive mapping when at work to get the correct folder name.

 4. A Connect As box will appear. Select Connect using a different user name. (If you have been using your Win account at work type win\username)

 5. Type the appropriate password and select OK.

 6. Select Finish; your drive should now be mapped.

 Problem? Things to check for:
  • Verify that you have the correct path typed into the folder.
  • Are you using the correct username\password?
  • Some firewalls block mapping drives. If you are using a firewall you will have to contact the vendor for opening drive mapping.

 Referenced from: Mapping Network Drives Using VPN.

1/31/2024 10:43:58 AM